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Iceni Digital is a web development and digital design agency with a growing following and ambitions of leading the way in all things digital media. We have a tribe of specialists, experts in CMS development, e-commerce, jQuery, front end and bespoke development. Teamed with Iceni Media’s social media army, we are ready for almost any digital media project.

Outsourcing your website development to Iceni Digital will ensure you have access to expert resources supported with professional project management that focuses on delivering your business a solid return on its investment.

What we do and how it helps you?

To put it simply we can do it all when it comes to website development and online marketing. We understand and master all the complicated jargon involved (such as HTML5, CCS3, jQuery Development, PHP and MySQL Development, SEO, analytics etc) so you don’t have to. A website presence is an absolute must in today’s modern world but it is not enough to simply have a shop window or static advert for your business these days. Iceni Digital can create a website that will perform for your company, generate new business, make online sales, enhance customer loyalty, provide after sales support, engage with business partners and even entertain! Above all it will work for your business and your brand. In fact in some cases it just needs to work effectively!

Technology moves on at pace. Software changes, new mobile devices are launched and websites are now visited by all manner of users with a variety of technology platforms. Many sites are simply not responsive (i.e. they do not view properly on a mobile device or tablet). With Iceni Digital your business can unlock it’s full digital potential. Talk to us today, as with the right resources and advice your website can become a major income source for your business.

It is a documented fact that 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Over a trillion dollars of sales are web influenced each year. 48% of visitors to a website that cannot be viewed on a mobile say that the business simply does not care and yet only 55% of businesses conduct any kind of online user experience testing. Can you really afford to be missing out what your website could be doing for you?

Why use Iceni Digital?

There are so many benefits that we could talk about it all day (it is our passion after all) but to list a few, Iceni Digital can:

  1. Design you a website for maximum impact and user engagement
  2. Create you a website that improves user experience and interaction
  3. Build an e-commerce solution that delivers increased online sales
  4. Provide ongoing support and advice with maintenance agreements
  5. Integrate your website with almost any third party application
  6. Instil complete peace of mind with secure, backed up, 100% uptime hosting
  7. Share the benefit of knowledge gained over 10 years with our consultancy

At Iceni Digital we listen, we design and we develop so that your website is the best it can be.

If you think that Iceni Digital can help you and your business perform better online then contact us now. Some of our services and prices are listed on the website here, but do give us a call or send us an e-mail for an accurate quotation.

If you have a project in mind then let us know. We are happy to meet with you in person and discuss your ideas, your business and your current website and marketing activities.

The very best way for your business to benefit from its website presence is if you find professionals to outsource the “heavy lifting” to. Iceni Digital has a larger team of developers that can share the load. We have a well-proven method of website project management that sees projects specified and turned around efficiently and accurately, with quality assurance built in. We are a new business with old values and good number of years experience where it matter most. We develop websites in every language going, but work with you in a language you can understand. If that sounds like a company you can work with, then let’s get started….








How about Some Fun Facts about the Internet?

when the technology behind the internet began at MIT
The number of new .com domains registered daily (in 000's).
The number of millions of Blu Ray disks the Internet could be stored on.
The percentage of 247 billion e-mail messages per day that are SPAM

People want easy access with less information leading to a tailored solution. A website needs to be easily found, present engaging content and deliver a result quickly.

— Iceni Digital —

What We Do

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience who are passionate about developing business through websites.

Website design

Web design is one of the most fundamental services offered by Iceni Digital. Creating high impact, user-friendly online spaces that work across multiple software platforms and devices requires a unique combination of creative flair, technical knowledge and a developed understanding of user behaviour.


Backed by a team with a combined 100+ years experience and dealing with hundreds of businesses across the UK for nearly a decade, Iceni Digital has picked up a thing or two and is more than confident consulting with clients about their website requirements leading to a proposed solution.

Website Hosting

You don’t have to host with Iceni Digital, but we do offer some fantastic hosting packages based on our dedicated Rackspace server. UK based, guaranteed 100% uptime, backed-up every night and as beyond all else secure, so that your newly created website can be seen all the time.

Third Party Integration

Iceni Digital have vast experience with most commonly used third-party components, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook API’s, PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and more. So if you want something featured on your site that you are already working with – no problem!

Maintenance Agreement

Providing complete piece of mind, Maintenance Agreements from Iceni Digital ensure we regularly monitor and keep up-to-date any application we develop from basic browser compatibility issues to more serious security threats. We make sure that your site is working 365, 24/7.

Bespoke Development

Iceni Digital knows that not every business is the same or wants to be the same. Our team of specialist developers can make a website do virtually anything. Whether it is working with hand in hand existing systems or creating an entirely new solution, we are happy to take the lead.

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